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Did you ever wonder what it’s like to live the life of an indie filmmaker? Indie films are films that are created independently. These films are created outside of a major Film Studio. Instead of money, Indie filmmakers have to rely on their skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. There are a few steps that can highlight what it is like to be an indie filmmaker.

The crew is the first start of an indie film. To save money you can get free labor by hiring students. The film students will be grateful for the chance to build on their film reel. Also students have a lot to offer in the ways of new ideas and understanding new technologies you might not be aware of. It’s important that the unpaid interns are currently attending school at the time of your film. Ask for your unpaid film interns to provide proof of school attendance.

It’s essential to have a team who is invested emotionally and cares about your project. With a strong team in place you can begin to create the movie idea. You might need to have more than one brainstorming session with your team to create the idea for your indie film. During these meetings you can discuss different ideas for the film.

Once the team agrees on a movie to create all of the details can begin getting worked out. You will want to break down the screenplay. Examining the screenplay page-by-page line-by-line lets you see if creating this film is a viable reality. Most of the time you will have to reconsider the movie idea to make sure it can fit into your budget.

Speaking of budgets, where will you get your budget to make your indie film? You can use the internet to help get money for your film. There are different websites and companies you can use for free to request online funding from your friends and family members. Consider making a preview for your movie. The preview can be created even before the film is made. The preview will be a great moment to showcase your filmmaking skills and grab the audience’s attention. The shorter the preview the more likely the viewer is to remember it.

Have a schedule set for that the talent and crew members alike can adhere too. Successful short filmmakers understand the importance of organization. There will be curve balls thrown at you during filming. When you have explicit planning it’ll be easier to keep your priorities aligned.

You also need to have a strict budget. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up making unnecessary purchases. Hold yourself accountable and stick with your budget. Now with that being said there are exceptions. It is almost impossible to create an indie film without having to go over budget at some point. Just make sure you are controlling the areas where you do not have to go over budget so when you need to you’re able to.

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