Solaris: The Rising Nole Lacour



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Solaris: The Rising  by  Nole Lacour

Solaris: The Rising by Nole Lacour
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In order to save Pangeas prophetic heroine from an eminent evil, the young Samona escapes to a strange and parallel universe. Ours. Swearing to protect the crying baby in her arms, Sam changes the infants name from Solaris to Chase and decides that she will never reveal their heritage. Twenty years smoothly pass, and Sam believes that hers and Chases future can remain in Chicago, but a surprise visit from Eton, the secretly devoted boy from Sams childhood, interrupts the normality Sam has maintained.

Realizing that fate has never left her side, Sam finally unveils the unbelievable truth to Chase. Not only are they from another world, but they are not even human. Sam, Chase, and Eton happen to be a special breed known as Neos, animals with the capability to take human form through evolutionary magic.

After the initial shock and denial, the newly formed trio journey across the cosmos, back to Pangea, and face a slew of phenomenal events such as challenging a fighting arenas arrogant commander and sailing glorious tides with a Neo pirate crew. Staggeringly enough, Chase seems to be adjusting magnificently to her developing powers and paranormal environment, but Sam finds herself struggling. With what though?

Not even Sam knows, until...Discover an alternative twist on fantasy, and plunge into Solaris: The Rising, a sensational story that fuses the most sincere forms of magic: growth, beauty, self-discovery, and love.

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