Danger, Memory!: Two Plays Arthur Miller

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Danger, Memory!: Two Plays  by  Arthur Miller

Danger, Memory!: Two Plays by Arthur Miller
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The first play, I CANT REMEMBER ANYTHING, is a gentle, poignant study of two old friends, an elderly man and woman, who live in nearby houses and often take their meals together. She is a wealthy widow whose life seems to have come to a stop after her husbands death- he is a retired draftsman, a doctrinaire Communist who was her husbands best friend despite the radical differences in life styles and political outlook. Both lament the passing of better days, the lack of contact with loved ones, and the loss of memory that clouds the meaningfulness of the time left to them.

(1 man, 1 woman.) The second play, CLARA, is a powerful and moving drama in which an aging father is forced to come to grips with the crushing reality of his daughters senseless murder. Grilled relentlessly by a dispassionate detective, the father is unable to bring his memory into focus until, in the trenchant monologue recalling a disquieting incident from his wartime experience, the past suddenly clarifies the present and, relieving the fathers tortured conscience, unlocks the damning evidence the detective has been seeking.

(3 men, 1 woman.)

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